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Warehouse Dense Storage Black Technology | Hagrid HEGERLS Four Way Shuttle Intelligent Handling Robot “Same Layer Multiple Vehicles” Technology

Hebei Woke is a high-tech enterprise focusing on providing overall solutions and one-stop services for Logistics automation and robots. With years of logistics experience and technical accumulation, we independently develop core high-end equipment such as intelligent shuttle cars, high-speed elevators, AGVs, and conveyor sorting systems, providing customers with end-to-end logistics system consulting and planning, software development, system integration, operation guidance, and overall solutions for the research and development and manufacturing of core high-end equipment. In recent years, according to the market demand for unmanned, intelligent, flexible, efficient and high Floor area ratio, Hebei Woke has successively developed four-way shuttle cars and clip on shuttle cars with ultra-low floors to meet the domestic demand for ultra-low floor and multi specification container storage.

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Hebei Woke's core product - HEGERLS four-way shuttle car

The HEGERLS four-way shuttle is a 3D intelligent shuttle independently developed by Hebei Woke to alleviate the pressure of enterprise warehousing and distribution. By programming, tasks such as accessing and transporting goods can be seamlessly integrated with logistics information systems (WCS/WMS), achieving automated identification, access, and other functions. The maximum cargo weight is up to 50kg, and it uses advanced supercapacitor power supply. Charging for 10 seconds can meet the 3-minute usage needs of the shuttle car, greatly improving the equipment's energy utilization efficiency. The intelligent system scheduling and Kinetic energy recovery system enable the product to realize the intelligent avoidance function. The path planning of multiple vehicles on the same floor also makes the user's warehouse more flexible and intelligent. The maximum efficiency of a single roadway's entry and exit can reach over 1000 boxes per hour, which is 3-5 times that of traditional Miniload systems and 15-20 times that of pallet storage systems.

Unlike traditional access devices, the HEGERLS four-way shuttle vehicle proposes an innovative library plane - the "layer" concept. The key behind this innovation is the scheduling algorithm, which uses MFC software to assign tasks, coordinate scheduling, control path traffic, and dynamically manage the access system's small cars. It not only perfectly solves the problem of access efficiency, but also flexibly adjusts the operation path and car allocation, solving the bottleneck problem of traditional multi-layer shuttle cars in lifting machines. We all know that traditional multi-layer shuttle cars can handle high traffic demands. They require a car in each layer and roadway to ensure that the vehicles themselves do not overlap or cross paths for operation. However, this will result in a large number of equipment and relatively high cost. On this basis, Hebei Woke proposed the concept of "multiple vehicles on the same layer" in the field of four-way shuttle vehicle scheduling, which meets the flexible scheduling under the premise of high traffic operations. The HEGERLS four-way shuttle car's "multi car on the same floor" technology can break the "fixed partition" mode, allowing the small car to cross other areas in need for operation. At the same time, the number of small cars can be flexibly configured, and there is mutual substitutability between cars, making the configuration of small cars more flexible. Within the same layer of shelves, there are avoidance modes 

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for four-way shuttle vehicles in different scenarios. One is to avoid the intersection of vehicle paths during the initial planning process, and the other is an effective avoidance mode between vehicles when encountering unexpected intersections during the initial planning execution process. In terms of venue adaptability, the HEGERLS four-way shuttle can move in four directions, greatly increasing its flexibility in adapting to the venue, and making full use of the space in some irregular venues. On the one hand, it can significantly improve space utilization, and on the other hand, in many old warehouse renovations, four-way shuttle cars have higher adaptability.

4Multiple vehicles+689+374

The Hebei Woke HEGERLS four-way shuttle system has become increasingly popular in the market due to its many outstanding advantages in improving storage efficiency and warehouse space utilization. It has been widely used in various industries with high storage demand and dismantling demand, such as medical, retail, e-commerce, etc. At the same time, it is also applicable in intelligent manufacturing logistics fields with high added value and industrial automation, such as automotive manufacturing and 3C manufacturing.

Post time: Jun-08-2023