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Warehouse Racking Shuttle Industrial Storage Racks System

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MOQ 1 set
Place of Origin Hebei, China
Delivery Time 90 Days
Payment terms L/C,D/A,T/T, Western Union

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Advantages of HEGERLS shuttle shelves:
The original drive-in rack is a forklift that directly enters the warehouse area and places the goods on the rack. There must be many forklift operation channels. This method has a lot of disadvantages. It takes time and effort, which seriously affects the management efficiency of this warehouse. The technical requirements of the operators are relatively high, and there are certain safety risks during the actual operation of the forklift entering the roadway; now it is changed to the shuttle rack, the forklift only needs to work at the front of the warehouse, and the shuttle will transport the goods to the designated location. The transfer of the shuttle car between the various channels is completed by the forklift. This program greatly improves work efficiency and achieves a fast and safe effect.

The specific advantages of   
HEGERLS shuttle shelves are as follows:

1. The forklift does not need to enter the roadway, saving operation time and improving the safety of personnel and goods.
2. The storage efficiency of goods in the warehouse is greatly improved.
3. Make full use of the warehouse space, the utilization rate in the warehouse is more than 80%.
4. For different types of products can be flexibly accessed by channel.
5. Compared with drive-in shelves and through shelves, the structure is stable and the safety factor is higher.
6. First-in first-out and first-in first-out.
7. Applicable to large quantities and small samples of goods, such as food, beverages, chemicals, tobacco and other single products with large batches and relatively single items. It is especially suitable for cold storage environments.

About two storage forms:
1 Shuttle system
Shuttle garage is composed of shuttle car, high-speed hoist, shelf, in-and-out storage conveyor and warehouse control system. It is suitable for box storage such as carton or plastic box, and supports mixed storage.

2 Shuttle rack
Shuttle shelves can maximize the use of space for quick pallet access, reduce installation costs (such as cooling, operation or maintenance costs), while increasing flexibility. Different from the shuttle car system which mostly uses box-type access, the shuttle-type shelf performs access operations in units of pallets.

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