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HEGERLS radio shuttle runner

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MOQ 1 set
Place of Origin Hebei, China
Delivery Time 90 Days
Payment terms L/C,D/A,T/T, Western Union

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HEGERLS radio shuttle runner
Radio shuttle could be combined with the use of manual forklift, the storage and transportation of goods separately, wireless remote control of the radio shuttle to complete the function of storage of goods, use manual forklift to complete the transportation of goods.

Forklift truck does not enter the cargo storage area, only in the storage area at the end of operation, the shuttle on the goods into the designated location. Cargo storage instructions are from the forklift operator through the wireless remote control, the operator can also terminate the wireless remote control of the radio shuttle.

The first location on the rack is for forklift to release the pallets, which could be first in first out or last in first out.

HEGERLS Radio shuttle specification

ITEM Specification Remark
Loading Max 1500kg
Moving Speed Unloading:0.8~1.2m/s, loading:0.6~0.8m/s
accelerate ≤0.5m/S2
Motor 24VDC  550W
Lift Height 35mm
Motor 24VDC  370-550W
Position move: Laser Germany
Location: Laser Germany
Lift Switch SICK
Sensor Photoelectrical P+F/SICK
Controller S7-200 PLC SIEMENS
Controller Frenquency433MHZ,Communication distance 100m TELE-RADIO
Two-way communication function, with LED screen
Power Lithium iron phosphate power battery
Battery Specification 24V,60A,Working time≥8h power 3h,power times:1000PCS
Noise level ≤60db
Temperature -25~50℃
Protector End face placement polyurethane buffer strip and anti loading sensor

Features & Benefits
◆ Independent patent on lifting mechanism, higher efficiency, more power saving
◆ Electrical procedures to achieve better performance.
◆ All parts surface are with Nickel plating
◆ Are welding are with Carbon dioxide arc welding and argon arc welding
◆ The frame parts surface is with spray processing. The color can be customized.The aluminum alloy panel is treated by sand blasting sun




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