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Shuttle car ask for help

The shuttle frees up manpower, but the unfeeling storage and retrieval machines also need to be protected. Come and see if the following situations occur during the use of the shuttle.

1. The shell feels hot to the touch
Check whether there is external force blocking;
Cut off the power manually, and observe and use after the temperature cools down;
Check whether it shows that the walking motor or the lifting motor is overloaded. (It is recommended that the manufacturer configure the overload display or alarm function when designing)



2. There is a strange sound while walking on the track
Check whether the track has foreign matter or bending deformation;
Check whether the guide wheel or traveling wheel of the shuttle is damaged.

3. Sudden stop while walking
Check the fault display code, and solve the parking fault according to the code analysis;
Charge it as soon as possible when the battery is low, and consider replacing the battery if it cannot be charged normally.



4. Cannot start normally
It cannot start normally after pressing the switch. Check the battery level of the remote control or whether the power plug of the battery compartment is loose; if the battery still cannot start normally after troubleshooting, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer for warranty.

5. Unable to enter and exit the warehouse normally
After the shuttle is turned on, there is no initial homing self-check action, or there is an initial homing self-check action but the buzzer does not sound. If the battery is still invalid after troubleshooting, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer for repair.


Post time: Jun-03-2021