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Hebei Woke HEGERLS Warehouse Shelf Manufacturer | Clamping Telescopic Fork Four way Shuttle New Logistics Robot

As is well known, warehouse operations mainly revolve around storage, transportation, sorting, and transportation. With the diversification and complexity of logistics operations, four-way shuttle vehicles, as a new storage technology, have attracted attention due to their flexibility and other characteristics. On the basis of successfully developing the four-way shuttle, Hebei Woke has also carried out horizontal product development. At present, Hebei Woke has developed a variety of shuttle model numbers, including single/double depth options, clamp type telescopic forks, and optional anti-static shuttle cars to meet the special industry operation needs.

1Clamping and telescoping+1000+325

The HEGERLS gripping four-way shuttle is an innovative logistics robot product that breaks through the bottlenecks in autonomous scheduling, path optimization, system efficiency, space limitations, and other aspects of container access systems such as container stackers and multi-layer linear shuttles, laying the foundation for the leading position of Hebei Woke in the field of intelligent container access solutions. The gripper type four-way shuttle is a new product under Hebei Woke HEGERLS, which has the characteristics of compact system design and extremely high storage density. After identifying and positioning goods, the HEGERLS gripping four-way shuttle can use its own gripping telescopic fork to automatically adjust according to the size of the handled goods. It has the characteristics of fast operation, stable operation, and efficient cargo loading. The HEGERLS gripping four-way shuttle adopts a gripping method for picking up goods, which can accurately identify and locate the material box. The telescopic fork automatically adjusts and adapts to the size specifications of the material box, and directly extends to clamp and hold the material box, quickly and accurately achieving material box access and layer changing operations. Cooperate with high-speed elevators and other equipment to maintain a highly flexible and innovative warehouse operation process, improving overall throughput and operational efficiency. The HEGERLS gripping four-way shuttle is mainly suitable for the medical field, and with its flexible telescopic fork, it can access different specifications of material boxes.

2Clamping and telescoping+928+455

The HEGERLS gripping four way shuttle can perform precise access operations, helping enterprises achieve the full process automation, informatization, and intelligence of "transportation automatic warehousing picking outbound shipment outbound", ensuring information tracking of materials throughout the entire cycle, ensuring efficient utilization of warehouses, and improving enterprise logistics operation capabilities. At present, we have cooperated with multiple medical enterprises in China, and the demand for medical warehousing will continue to expand in the future. The HEGERLS gripping four-way shuttle provides customers in the medical field with more choices, and also fills the gap in the storage of medical containers in China. The use of this product not only improves the economic benefits of the enterprise itself, but also greatly promotes the construction of "smart warehousing" in the entire logistics industry.

3Clamping and telescoping+755+394

The HEGERLS gripper type four-way shuttle car "cargo to person" solution has five major advantages compared to traditional operation methods:

One is to improve space utilization efficiency

Under the same site conditions, the storage capacity per unit area expands and extends towards the height of the shelves, making better use of the site space;

Secondly, improve homework efficiency and accuracy

The "goods to people" warehousing solution mode of the HEGERLS gripping four-way shuttle greatly improves the efficiency of picking operations, reaching 1000 pieces per hour. At the same time, with the cooperation of WMS and WCS, the entire storage area is managed in an orderly manner, greatly improving the accuracy of operations;

Thirdly, reducing manpower and making operations safer

Compared to the manual access mode, the HEGERLS gripping four way shuttle is equipped with a picking workstation or picking robot, which can effectively reduce labor by more than 50%;

Fourth: Scalability

Hebei Woke's four-way shuttle technology enables the system to automate the entry and exit of materials in low flow scenarios through calculations with minimal shuttle numbers;

Fifth: Suitable for full size materials

The Hebei Woke four-way shuttle technology has a unique fixture design that can cover full size materials, greatly improving the flexibility of system access to meet the diverse needs of the market.

4Clamping and telescoping+651+442

Hebei Woke HEGERLS takes shuttle cars as its core product, and builds intelligent shuttle car solutions with intelligent shuttle cars, four-way shuttle cars, two-way shuttle cars, parent cars, stackers, shuttle car elevators, material box elevators, shelves, inbound and outbound conveying devices, and warehouse control system software. It has higher storage efficiency and significant cost advantages to ensure that enterprises maintain reasonable inventory and improve warehouse processing capabilities. Hebei Woke HEGERLS can provide various customized warehousing solutions based on customer needs in different industries. Not only can it improve warehouse utilization, but it can also improve the operational stability of the storage system. At present, the business scope of Hebei Woke HEGERLS covers shuttle vehicle three-dimensional warehouse solutions, warehousing integration solutions, conveying and sorting solutions, as well as AGV integrated warehousing solutions, and so on. Hebei Woke HEGERLS R&D product accessories will continue to create maximum value for our customers based on international process standards.

Post time: Jun-07-2023