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Application of WMS in the pharmaceutical industry

Application of WMS in the pharmaceutical industry
Warehouse Management System (WMS), abbreviated as WMS, is a software that manages material storage space. It is different from inventory management. Its functions are mainly in two aspects. One is to set a certain warehouse location structure in the system to control materials. The positioning of the specific spatial position is to guide the operation process of materials in, out, and in the warehouse by setting some strategies in the system.
The system effectively controls and tracks the entire process of logistics and cost management of the warehouse business, realizes complete enterprise warehousing information management, and facilitates the use of warehouse resources.
The logistics supply chain of each industry has its uniqueness. WMS can not only solve the common problems of logistics, but also meet the individual needs of different industries.

What are the characteristics of the application of WMS in the pharmaceutical industry?
The pharmaceutical industry can be subdivided into the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmaceutical circulation industry. The former is based on injections, tablets, capsules, etc., and is generally applied to the fully automatic operation mode of production, handling, storage, and storage; the latter covers western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and medical equipment, with the goal of reducing inventory and fast and efficient turnover.
WMS must implement and ensure strict control and traceability of drug batch numbers in all operations in the medical field. In this process, it must also ensure the control of drug quality. At the same time, it must also be connected with the electronic supervision code system in real time. Each link of circulation realizes the acquisition of the drug regulatory code, the query of drug regulatory code information and the upload of drug regulatory code information to meet the requirements of two-way traceability.





Post time: Jun-03-2021